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From the beginning with the music up to the first video production.

In the last 16 years of my creative time I have met many artists, discovered many imaginative possibilities and used them to my advantage.

It was a development from the hobby musician to the first own small business. Today we are a team of several partners. In the meantime, my fiancée has joined us so that we can actively tackle projects together and turn ideas into reality as a team. Through the development and accumulation of experience and orders we have been able to expand our services.

We offer video production, photography and audio visual work for any project.

Wedding photography and videography, music videos, portrait photography or real estate photos are the main part of our activities.

Hip Hop beats will continue to be updated.

In the beats you will find different genres of old school, new hip hop, guitar, rock and trap

For every videographer it is important to capture every precious second with the camera and also with the sound.

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